Just as the title states this book is not about books—but about knots and the moment when everything comes together. This book contains an introduction written by myself followed by excerpts from the most famous knot book, "The Ashley Book of Knots" by Clifford W. Ashley, first published in 1944. Then concluded with an extensive Knot Index, the copy is from Animated Knots by Grog. 
The majority of the pages are made of 11 unique knots, each set to tie as you flip to the next page. The act of reading this book in its entirety will end in eleven tied knots. 
The Binding Itself Echoes The Subject Matter—Bound In A Coptic Binding Style—The Knots And Thread Used Are Exposed
The Ashley Book of Knots is an encyclopedia of knots written and illustrated by the American sailor and artist Clifford W. Ashley. First published in 1944, it was the culmination of over 11 years of work. The book contains 3,854 numbered entries and approximately 7,000 illustrations.
Each Knot Is Coded As To Relate To The Knots In The Index. The Coding System Works Numerically & Alphabetically.  
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